925 Sterling silver wire 30 gauge or equal to 0.25 mm, price each in multiple 5 meters sterling silver wire or sterling vermeil.

Sterling silver wire 30 gauge or 0.25 mm - price start for 5 meter wire

SKU: WR118891
  • Sterling silver wire 30 gauge or equal to 0.25 mm

    Item Code: WR118891
    Wire tightness = 30 gauge or equal to 0.25 mm
    Weight 5 meter approximately = 3.25 gram
    Lead time production = 3-5 days (depend on quantity)
    Quantity is multiple 5 meter (sterling or sterling 24K vermeil)

    Packing = 5 meter wire (sterling or vermeil

    We offer a pure Sterling Silver to all our jewelry and findings component with no a trick; Shop and Buy with confidence.

    Shipment with Registered Mail International, time arrival to North America, Europe, and Scandinavia 20-45 days South East Asia Countries Japan and South Korean 15-30 days.